12 Life Lessons from Pretty Woman

Saturday, October 13, 2012

So last night I watched Pretty Woman with my mom and decided to tweet some great advice/lessons from the movie.
Not saying we should all become prostitutes just to get fairytale-rescued by Richard Gere!
So here they are!
Life Lessons from Pretty Woman
#1 Red lipstick is always fabulous.
#2 Personality will always get you farther than your looks
#3 Embrace your quirks
#4 Prince makes great bubble bath music
#5 If someone else is paying for your clothes, get the good stuff
#6 When in doubt, eat with your hands
#7 Rich people throw their napkins
#8 A piano is a great way to seduce a woman
#9 "Stores are never nice to people, they're nice to credit cards"
#10 Always apologize when you hurt someone
#11 Only kiss someone you truly care about
#12 Conquer your fears for love. Richard Gere did it, so can you
Anyways, I completely made these up while I was watching, but I think there's validity to them.
And if you haven't seen the movie than watch it! Seriously. Right now.
Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!
-Rya Pie

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