Beret & Lace

Monday, October 8, 2012

Mixing patterns and textures is usually something that I tended to stay away from until recently, but then one day I asked myself, why?
Seriously, just why? It's not crazy and if people are looking at you and judging you by your clothes (which they totally are) then who cares!
So on this day...which was Thursday, I think...I got sick and so have been kind of blending my days together. Maybe it was from taking these photos in the freezing cold....
I decided a way to go about mixing patterns and whatnot without being too crazy was to mix a true pattern with a texture pattern! By this I mean the fact that my beret is a leopard print and the lace on my sleeves is floral, but see-through! To me this made the look really subtle and the pattern mixing totally ok!
This is something to try if you're wanting to enter the realm of pattern mixing but it all seems a little much. Simple.

{Jeans: Aeropostale Shirt: Derek Heart Blazer: Charlotte Russe Hat: Walmart Boots: Soda (these are kids shoes) Rings: Fuego Necklace: Alisa Michelle}
I hope everyone is staying healthy with the shift in weather happening. I know I caught my bug from someone in my class, so just lock yourself indoors!
Just kidding.
But drink lots of water and take your vitamins! Fo' realz!
Rya Pie

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