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Friday, October 26, 2012

So on Wednesday it was my turn to lead our seminar group with my group-mate/super awesome friend, Evan.
Now, I'm going to just say now that most people I know cannot even think of the last time I wore black. Like, a solid black. (Well now they can, but before they couldn't!)
Pretty much everything i wear is colorful or lacey or just not plain, but for seminar I wanted something a little more serious...not that I needed to be serious or it was a serious type of deal...but I needed a reason to finally wear this shirt!
I found it at Goodwill forever ago and could just never think of a situation to wear it because to me it seems so formal and business-like.
Anyways, wearing black made me feel so completely drab that I had to pair it with this completely lovely orange coat!
Also, can you believe this totally giant leaf that I found on the ground??? Insanity!

{thanks to my lovely Trina for taking my photos}

{PANTS: Aeropostale SHIRT: Thrifted BOW: Gift NECKLACE: Fuego (it's a tea pot!) BOOTS: Charlotte Russe COAT: ok, so I'm at home right now posting this and my coat is at my dorm, but I swear the second I'm back I'll tell you what brand it is!}
I hope everyone is embracing the fall weather and enjoying watching the leaves change colors. It's fascinating how death in one thing can be so beautiful. Fall is a time of transition and change, try something new and remember to spend some time alone each day in peace and reflection. Even five minutes can really re-set your mood for the day.
-Rya Pie

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