Arizona Day Four

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

(I named this guy Senior Cactus)

It's so weird to think that tomorrow I will be back in Washington. Tomorrow night...but still. Ugh. I wish so badly that I could just stay here and be a desert dweller. Not that there aren't things about the land of rain that are ok and nice or whatever, but here is just special to me.

Depression aside, today my parents and I, along with my aunts Mary and Ann went to an artsy type town called Tubac. It was pretty much the coolest place ever. There was just so much local art and it was totally awesome. Completely. There were a lot of really expensive things, but I managed to find some pretty neat stuff for myself and friends. There will probably be photos on my twitter or instagram of the stuff, so stay tuned.

After spending the day in Tubac and eating a pizza for the first time in like...ever that I can remember (I am recently realizing that I have outgrown the dairy allergy I used to have and it's so crazy to eat foods that I know would or should make me sick. It makes me want to sing A Whole New Word from Aladdin all day long!) anyways, after that we went to see another mission that was right down the road at Tumacacori. They were closing in like 30 minutes when we got there, so we were just going to look around the gift shop since there was a $3 a person charge to enter, but one of the park guys offered to let us in since we were out of state and gave us a little mini history lesson before letting us walk around. It was totally awesome. Not to say the other mission wasn't or isn't, but I got so much more of a sense of history in this one.
This store had my name so that was totally awesome. I wanted to buy something from inside, but it was mostly clothes and such for ladies much older than I, and while they did have their own line of scents and lotions, they didn't have anything in the scent I liked.
Check out this ancient graffiti! 1890! I love knowing that as humans we have this primal urge to leave our mark somewhere, to show "hey I've been here." To leave some sort of memory that will be there long after we are gone.
Well that's it. Tomorrow I leave! Well not until the night, first I am going to visit my grandmother on my fathers side, who I never get to see, so that should be interesting. She's a little eccentric, but in a completely fabulous way.
Hope everyone is having a good week! When I get back it'll be work work work. I have a 12 hour shift on Black Friday. Yuck. Definitely making Dylan cook me dinner or something that day, which I just decided just now, but sounds like a great idea hehe.

-Rya Pie <3

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