Day Three in Arizona

Monday, November 19, 2012

I guess it's really my fourth day here seeing as I arrived on Friday, but the day you get somewhere never really feels like a day there, you know? You still feel a little out of place, a little jostled, a little tired from the travel, and a little gross.
So here's my Monday.
My Aunt Ann took my parents and I around Tucson, really to show John the town since my parents are considering moving down here. I had seen a lot of it before but we did drive around University of Arizona which was nice and yet so shocking! It's such a giant campus! I probably feel that way because Evergreen is so small but still, damn it's huge!
We also went up to A Mountain and ate lunch at a nice little place called El Charro, which I guess is the oldest restaurant in Tucson.
These are my parents!
From where I stand...on A Mountain.
Oh yeah! And we visited a mission that I took some video of, so when my trip is over I'll put up a vlog for y'all to check out.
Isn't this just the smallest hallway you have ever seen??? I guess the people back in the day were much smaller (the mission has been around since the 1600s) I mean, I'm 5'0" and I couldn't even unbend my arms! Totally cray.
And here's a bunny to finish off the post! Awwwww. Haha.

I'll do an outfit post after this because putting it in this honestly seems just a tad excessive.

-Rya <3

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