Moving on Over and Arizona so Far

Sunday, November 18, 2012

So here I am on Blogger...weird.
But it feels right at the same time. A more professional space for the type of blogging I became used to doing.
When I first got my Tumblr, I was making the kind of posts that it's meant for, short picture posts with only a few lines of text. And the longer and more detailed my posts got, the less views and interaction I got as well.
But alas, Tumblr is  meant for micro-blogging. I'll still keep it so that all of my old posts are in tact and not just the ones I moved over here, but I'll start using it for re-blogging purposes.
Let this adventure begin!

So, I'm down in Tucson Arizona right now, visiting family before I have to fly back to Washington and work Black Friday at Old Navy.
I got here on the 16th and since yesterday was my first full day here, I have some photos to share with you!
Oh! And they will be in all of their amazing and full sized glory! Take that Tumblr!

Oh my god! So big! So beautiful!
It's a cholla cactus, or jumping cactus.
I thought that this address sign was totally awesome.
This is my aunt's dog, Fritzie. Isn't he the cutest thing ever??? It took a lot of playing and spinning him around to get him tired enough for me to take this though. Let me tell you, that dog can go and go and get it. Crazy hyper. Also crazy adorbs, am I right?
Here's a rather under-exposed photo of me and my cousin Lydia. I was borrowing a tripod from my Aunt Mary to take my outfit shots and she asked me how it worked, so I set up my camera and showed her. That girl is going to break some hearts when she's older. Let me tell you.
Oh hey, look! You can actually see my clothes! Lol ok I'll stop. I'm just so excited!
Anywhizzle, here's my outfit that I wore. It was around 75 and cloudy yesterday, but let me tell you, I was just excited to wear a damn tank top. People who live here are all bundled up like it's cold. Ha.

{TOP: Eyeshadow JEANS: American Eagle SANDALS: Payless}

I'm not going to lie, I don't think I'll ever be able to find a state that holds as much of my heart as this one does. While I may have grown up more in Washington than I did here, I honestly feel like this is my home. This is where I belong. The desert is such an absolutely gorgeous place, and it baffles me that other people can't see that. There is so much life, just because you don't see lush green trees doesn't mean it isn't one of the most amazing places. And it is. At least I think so. Being here is really making me heavily consider going to University of Arizona again. I don't know what's in the cards for me, but either way I know it will be good.
Arizona born...and somewhat raised...haha

I hope everyone reading this likes my new blog as much as I do.

I love you all.

-Rya Pie

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