My Two Futures

Monday, November 19, 2012

Have you ever had the feeling that you're standing on the edge of a crossroads and whatever decision you ultimately make will completely change your life forever? I feel like I'm going to be at one of these very decisions quite soon and right now I'm just looking at it coming on the horizon and staring at it with a blank and clueless expression.
I'm talking about whether or not I'm going to transfer to a different college.
The social life and general community at Evergreen leaves me wanting so much more. I want the traditional college people with frats and sororities and the activities and so on. I want the people...just I want more I suppose.
But Evergreen has the amazing classes and people I know and is delightfully close to my home and family.
I know whatever decision I make will result in two completely paths in my life. Not that I can't go back to Evergreen if I so please, but it's still scary. I suppose I should just calm down about it really. My mom always tells me that I don't need to make this decision "right now" about pretty much every decision I ever have to make, and she's so right, but part of me can't help but stress, you know?

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It's always interesting to think that whatever decision you do make, it will end up being fate. I always think that's so puzzling and stimulating to think about. Whatever I end up choosing will be fate in the end.
I firmly believe that things happen for a reason, and so while I am scared and nervous, I also feel like it will be ok. Things work out. Always.

On a lighter note, the holidays are quickly approaching and I am so excited about that! Even though this will be my first Thanksgiving without my family, I still know it'll be great and Christmas is coming!

I hope everyone had a good Monday!

And crap I need to read for class...>.<

-Rya Pie <3

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