Sunday, November 4, 2012

So, Happy late Halloween everyone!
Can you believe it's November already??? Because it is blowing my mind!
I am so super excited because I get to go visit my family in Arizona (the best state eva) during my Thanksgiving break! Sadly, I won't get to stay long enough to eat Thanksgiving dinner with them because I have to work on Black Friday, but still the trip should be fun.
Also, Dylan comes home this month as well and gets to stay for a nice amount of time, which is good because I'm about to explode from being so lonely!
Anywhizzle, here's what I wore on Halloween, to class, and out to lunch with the most lovely of ladies, Katrina, and later for some apple cider downtown with my pal Darrick.
I had had my eye on this dress on ModCloth for some time, and when it finally went on sale I knew I had to buy it even though I had no idea when I was going to wear it.
Then it hit me, I had some panda ears from when I went to NY and DC in 8th grade (I got them at a zoo lol) so I could be a panda!

{COAT: ModCloth DRESS: ModCloth TIGHTS: Fred Meyer SHOES: Candies, Kohl's}
{{Thanks to Trina for taking some of my photos!}}
This was the first time that I had ever worn false lashes and let me tell you, the best idea I had ever had in my life was practicing putting them on the night before. Thank goodness.
They felt pretty heavy when I first applied them, but after a few minutes I couldn't even tell and by the end of the day when it was finally time to take them off I couldn't believe how tiny my real eyelashes looked! Haha, not that my eyelashes are gimpy, I was just so used to the nice long fake ones!
Oh! And also, I bought some Assets from Target (made by Spanx) to wear under the dress because the bottom is pretty body hugging, and let me just say that I completely loved them. So much so, that I went onto the Spanx website and bought some more! Girl's best friend right there. Forget diamonds.
I hope that everyone had a great Halloween and Halloweekend. Hopefully November didn't give you too much of a shock!
This month has some great things in store! Keep smiling!
-Rya Pie <3

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