Black and Brown Make A Frown

Thursday, January 3, 2013

So back when I was in high school my friend Mollie taught me a saying that I pretty much decided to live by.
"Black and brown make a frown."
And I was convinced to never wear black and brown together, that it was disgusting. Period.
Lately however, I've realized that this is completely and totally stupid.
Why can't I mix two completely neutral colors together? This is ridiculous.
But alas, that is high school.
So here you have proof of the first ever time I have mixed black and brown.
And surprise surpise it looks completely fine.

These photos were taken on a road trip that Dylan and I went on around the Olympic Peninsula on Wednesday.
We had done this trip once before and it was such a nice break and getaway even though we were just driving through our state, so we decided to do it again!
While it got dark pretty early and we left really late it was still a gorgeous trip.

 {SWEATER: Old Navy JEANS: Hollister BOOTS: Etienne Aigner/Marshalls EARRING/CUFF: Icing COAT: Coffee Shop}

I think it's important that we all learn to let go of one silly thing at least once in our lives, even if it's just as simple as learning to wear black with brown.

Rya Pie

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