Christmas Day

Friday, January 4, 2013

I know that it seems a little late to be making a Christmas post, but this year I actually didn't take that many photos and most are of our pets so I didn't think it was too pressing to make the post right away when I had other cooler things to talk about.
Aren't our animals the cutest? Here you have seen Jojo and Muffin. Muffin is my most favorite because she is so happy and fluffy all the time and she lets me dress her up all cute. If I could I would steal her away to my apartment in a heartbeat.

And now the boys, Cody and Smudge.
Smudge is getting pretty up there in years and it's so surprising how much he ages just like a human would. He's going blind slowly and gets confused a lot. Sometimes he can't remember things or really hear us, but he's a sweet dog inside (even though he's a bit of a grump these days) and I have so many memories of him when we found him. 
We named him Smudge because we found him running along the road from our house and my mom said that if someone didn't pick him up he'd be just a smudge in the road.
Anyways, I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and is having a fun new year so far.

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