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Wednesday, January 9, 2013


{COAT: Old Navy JEANS: Hollister BOOTS: Candies/Kohl's HAT: Fred Meyer}

     You know when you decide to go to bed, maybe you've been exhausted for hours and you finally decide to actually lay down, and then right when you do your mind starts whirling and everything you forgot during the day hits you, or forgot ever, and you get all these good ideas and "why didn't that come to me earlier?!" moments? I hate that. But I also love it. I have long since said that I write my best when I am half sleep deprived, and I really think it's totally true. Last year...or I guess two years ago now technically (weird) I did NANOWRIMO and wrote my entire novel at night. Well, that is aside from a few mid-day crunch sessions, but 99% of it was in the wee hours of the morning.
     Isn't it strange that while we use our minds all day they seem to be the most free in the night?
     I actually read an article on this once, that said your brain is more creative when you are close to sleep because you don't have all the common sense barriers up that you would when you are fully functional and because you are closer to a dream state, which is pretty neat, in my opinion.
     Anyways, right as I was about to play my usual nightly Spongebob (it helps me sleep, don't judge) it hit me that I never posted the photos from when Dylan and I walked around the Nisqually Wildlife Refuge!
     So here they are, yes I'm aware it's only two. There were a crazy amount of people there, like, parking lot full amount of people, which seemed really strange for one of the colder days so far this year. Way less than when I went with Taegan in the summer. Dylan and I always feel strange taking photos of each other with lots of people around, and shots really aren't as nice with randos in the background anyways, so this is what we had. Plus, like I said it was freezing.
     We walked around a little bit and then drove around looking for a diner to eat at.
     We ended up at The Martin Way diner, which was super delish and then went onto Ft. Lewis to stop by Game Stop for him.
     Anyways, I just thought I'd finally post these photos before they aged any more, after all, trip photos are not like a fine wine.

Hope everyone is having a fabulous January!

Rya Pie

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