Leavenworth Snow Trip

Monday, January 21, 2013

So this weekend I went up the Leavenworth with some friends from class so that Kim (above) could have a legit snow experience since she's from Hawaii and had never seen it before.

Here she is picking up her first handful of snow!
Also, for those of you who don't know or haven't checked out my photos from my summer trip to Leavenworth, it's a German themed town in the mountains and is amazing and cute and just fabulous.


 This bear is pretty old and in my opinion a little nasty (which is why you will never see a photo of me touching it lol), however he is adorable and so it's pretty much a must that when you visit you get your photo taken with him. Also, check out that lederhosen. Presh.

So there's a hat shop in the village and of course being the silly college students that we are we took about a million pictures in hats, but these were the best of the group in my opinion. Personally, french beret Kim is my favorite.


Here are the last few pictures that I'll share with you. The lovely and fabulous King Spenny loves Christmas and so Leavenworth was a total treat for him too, seeing as it's all Christmasy. He was so happy that it just made me joyous. But really, who wouldn't be? It's a gorgeous place to be. 
Also, check out my waffle! Isn't that the most delicious looking waffle you've ever seen??? It was amazing. So filling too. We ate at Sandy's Waffle Haus.
Group photo! Spenny, Kim, Vanessa, and I.
And lastly, Kim's last handful of snow before we left to go back to the soggy gray of Olympia.
I hope everyone is enjoying this long weekend!
I'll film a haul video sometime this week of the goodies I got while I was there.

Lots of love,
Rya Pie <3

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