Weekly Review 01/04-11/13

Friday, January 11, 2013

 So I know a lot of other bloggers do a weekly review sort of thing with Instagram photos and what they've been reading or listening to or whatever and I thought I'd start one too!

Instaweek: (from left to right)
1. "Truth." Photo of Dylan and I when I dropped him off at the airport, always breaks my heart. Can't believe this wasn't even a week ago. 01/06
2. Posted with a note about the outfit post being on my blog, love making photos round. 01/09
3. "Today's #ootd" 01/10

Reading: Nothing too fascinating really, just things for class. Read The Iliad which was ridiculous and gory. Need to start reading How to Train Your Dragon, which Dylan got me for Christmas.

Listening to: Aside from the radio (KISS 106.1 wooo!) I've been using Spotify for Ke$ha's new cd, which is pretty freaking bomb. After hearing some of the other songs I was completely over Die Young. Warrior is pretty sweet and I really like her song with Iggy Pop, Dirty Love. Overall it's totally worth a listen in my opinion.

  • Found this from one of Glamour's tweets and thought it was totally interesting.
  • Been drooling over this ModCloth piece forever. Need to buy it.
  • Found this designer and purchased a sweatshirt made by them from this amazing website. Check both out and drool.
  • And lastly, check out this. I want to do this to a deer head in Dylan's parent's house sooooo badly. So. Bad.

Well, I hope you guys found this somewhat interesting.
More next week!

Rya Pie

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