Weekly Review 01/ 11-18/13

Saturday, January 19, 2013

1. "Everyday is a good day to wear a beret." 01/12/13
2. "#ootd for work today. In all it's stages lol, although I didn't wear the gloves while working obviously" 01/12/13
3. "#ootd today! Vintage hat." 01/14/13
4. "Lots of mail today!" 01/16/13
5. "My eyes in the sunshine today. No editing ^^" 01/16/13

Reading: The Life of Pi. Not too far into it, in chapter three right now I think. So far it's pretty interesting. Kind of like listening to an adhd person tell you their life story in no particular order. It jumps subjects a lot, but it's still really interesting. I find myself wanting to know more, so more I shall read!

Listening to: This week, aside from totally binging on Ke$ha's new cd still, I listened to a real mix of music, especially since I went on a roady with some buds from class. I've been really digging Imagine Dragons and The Lumineers.

  • Found this burger related site and don't know what to think of it, yet can't stop scrolling.
  • Thought this flu news was interesting and strange. Keep saying I'll get one this year (the old kind) but can't bring myself to make the appointment. Needles >.< Not my friend.
  • This blew my mind.
  • Here are some food combos I need to try. Maybe not the first one...but so many look yummy!
  • I don't know if this was actually written by a 90 year old man, but they are some damn good rules.

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