80s Bubblegum

Thursday, February 7, 2013


So, I'm sure I've probably said it before, but black is a color that I wear pretty rarely (even though I'm wearing it right now as well) I just prefer bright colors. So when I put on this dress, that I love oh so much with it's button details and lace shoulders, I knew I needed to spice it up with some color. Here in Washington it's still pretty cold, so I picked out some of my thickest tights, a headband that matched and threw in a pink belt for good measure. (The watch came later when I went to work) One of my managers told me I looked totally 80s, which I hadn't thought of, but I suppose is pretty true.
Oh well. I can dig it.
{DRESS: One Clothing TIGHTS & WATCH: Target BELT: came with some dress BOOTS: Charlotte Russe HEADBAND: Forever 21 NECKLACE: Alisa Michelle LIPS: Maybelline Color Whisper in Coral Ambition}

For anyone wondering, my necklace reads "be in the now" and has a little bumblebee charm on it. I'm actually considering getting it tattooed somewhere, as I am just the worst at living in the moment.
I hope everyone is having a lovely end of the week!

Rya Pie

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