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Thursday, February 14, 2013


     Hello there lovely readers! (I'm so excited that I can say that and actually know that I have two, yes two followers now! Dear ladies, when I saw that, let me tell you, I jumped around on my a seated position ofc, I'm not totally cray. You. Are. Awesome.)
     Anywhizzle, today is Valentine's! Woooo...but not. I've never been much for V-day, single or taken, I just think people shouldn't need a holiday to remind them that they should treat their loved one with some extra romance and kindness. But, I guess I may just be a cynic. (So am not though)
     Either way, silly holiday aside, I decided for the first time in four years I wanted to spend it not alone in my room secretly hating people who did something...anything! So I went on a lovely friend date with a classmate. We were going to go to Red Lobster, because yum, but the wait was an hour, so we went to Happy Teriyaki instead, which was still yummy.
     Here's my outfit for the day! (ha, duh) I like to use V-day as an excuse to wear lots of girly-pinky things, so today I just spattered on anything I could find. 
     Let me tell you though, that belt is pure freaking evil. It has a little knob behind the bow that you just poke through the holes, but it isn't big enough to stay put and so my belt kept popping open all day and it made me feel absolutely disgusting every time haha. Eventually, for the photos anyways, I ended up rigging it together with a piece of yarn. 
{DRESS & BELT: Almost Famous SHOES: Payless TIGHTS: eBay FLOWER: Claire's LIPS: Revlon Lip Butter in Creme Brulee}

     I also just want to mention that those adorbs cat faces are on my tights lol, they're super sheer and I was getting asked all day if they were tattoos. They are not.
     I hope everyone had at least a bearable Valentine's.

All my love,
Rya Pie

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  1. This is such a cute outfit! I love your tights :)