Weekly Review 02/17-24/13

Monday, February 25, 2013

1. Being able to finally put my hair up makes going to work just so much easier when I'm short on time.
2. From Tolmie today. I wish I lived on the water. It's so very peaceful.
3. Totally in love with this lip color. Revlon Just Bitten Kissable in Adore.
4. Omg I found a tootsiepop in my room. #yum
5. My most favorite necklace. Getting this tattooed soon.
6. Next time this hat shall be mine. Fabulous.
7. *this had no caption*
8. Chillin in the back room of Old nizzle on my 15. #work #bored
9. #ootd for work today. For some reason this made me feel a little French. I need a black beret.

Reading: A lot about Sappho and her poetry for my final project for this quarter. If you don't know who she is, or haven't read any of her poetry, I highly suggest checking it out. There is such universal emotion in her writing that anyone can relate. She conveys things just so amazingly. Seriously. Check it out. There are free ebooks. FREE I TELL YOU! Ok, that was dramatic, but her stuff is amazing.

Listening to: A lot of classical music this week. I listened to the classical station on Spotify a good deal, which lead me to this completely mind-blowingly awesome artist by the name of Yiruma. I was stuck listening to his album First Love over and over and over and over. Songs off of it that I would suggest are May Be and River Flows in You. Don't get me wrong, the whole album is really just crazy good, I only have two songs bc after the first few I just relax so much they all blend together kind of. But if you like classical at all, or even just gorgeous piano playing (which is such  a weakness of mine. Sexy ttm in my opinion.) then you should at least give those two songs a listen. The songs are just so expressive. The emotion just hits you in the face. They speak without lyrics and allow you to apply your own circumstances, thoughts, and emotions to them effortlessly while at the same time soothing you and letting you know it'll be ok and you're not alone.

  • This totally true list of things girls in indie movies always do, but rarely do in real life cracked me up.
  • This little snippet about the most common STD around threw me through a loop since I had never even heard of it. Thanks high school health class. Thanks for nothing.
  • This list of old MK and Ashley Olsen movie men and where they are now was highly amusing.
  • Rihanna signed a contract with MAC, so that's freaking awesome. Can't wait to see what they come up with, other than a red lipstick of her own (called Riri Red, I think) which should be amazeballs.
  • These sculptures only reveal their true form when reflected in cylinders. Pretty sweet. Cray.
  • Stumble Upon sent me to a new artist that I LOVE. Jen Mann. Check out the photos of her art.
  • This quiz is super crazy awesome and nailed me as a person completely. Take it, you know you want to.
And that's all I have for you my lovlies. Hope your weekend went swimmingly.

Rya Pie