Better Late Than Never?

Thursday, March 21, 2013

     Hey there to any readers I may have left after my ridiculous absence directly following a post on my Facebook page claiming a storm of posts. I'm awful, I know. I left the cords I thought I needed to upload my videos at home, only to come home and realize they were at my apartment the whole time and I could have uploaded them. As for not uploading the photos I had already taken and edited, I really have no excuse other than that the end of the quarter was a little hectic and I was doing an awesome amount of hanging out with people.
     Anyways I am back and will post my Weekly Review tomorrow and still just have it go to Sunday and then post this weeks this Sunday and then all will be right with the world again, although I must ask, how does anyone feel about the reviews? Insteresting? Yes, no? Let me know.

{COAT: Jack by BB Dakota JEANS: Wallpaper BOOTS: Soda SWEATSHIRT: O'Neil HEADBAND: Forever 21}

     So my winter quarter is officially over as of today! I had my eval with my professor, which went quite well, and am now on my spring break! Woo! But not really because all my friends are back at home and as much as I love Yelm *coughnotreallycough* I don't have much to do when I'm back here and I really just end up missing Olympia. At least it's only like a week. 
     I hope everyone has an awesome and safe spring break, if you get one, and if not then just a great week!

Rya Pie.


  1. This outfit is adorable. I love the boots paired with the coat (I looove BB Dakota) and those mint blue pants! I can't get over how great a location you have for photos :)

    xox Sammi

    1. Thanks so much! I feel like I put together the best outfits when I'm slightly sleep deprived and rushing to class! And it's pretty great, my school is one big forest. (: