Mean Girl

Friday, March 22, 2013

     Heylo everyone! Or more like anyone...hello? I hope everyone is doing well and dealing with this crazy spring weather we've been having. Or maybe just I've been having. Today it sleeted, snowed, rained, hailed, and was super sunny. What. Damn you Washington and your extremely bipolar weather. I just don't even know what to say. 
     That aside I've been having a pretty alright spring break so far. No complaints anyways. Well, just kidding, I have one. All my awesome friends went back to their respective homes and now I am all alone at college and desperately avoiding staying in Yelm for long amounts of time. If you have ever been there, then you know why. 

{COAT: Self Esteem HAT: Walmart TOP: Etsy JEANS: Hollister WEDGES: Charlotte Russe}

     Something about this particular outfit (besides making me feel totally awesome) made me feel a little French. Who knows. Maybe it was just the cliche beret and cat eye. Either way, this getup made me feel confident and that is always a good great thing. 
     Also, how totally awesome is this shirt I found on Etsy? My friends and I always joked about being the group of mean girls in class (not that we were bitchy, we were just the loud obnoxious possy) so when I saw this shirt I knew I had to have it and wear it to class.

Love and Warmth,
Rya Pie