Slowly Becoming A Butterfly

Saturday, March 2, 2013


      I've always stressed the importance of doing exactly what makes you happy in life to my friends and loved ones, but never really followed such advice myself. It seems stupid to not follow probably some of the simplest advice out there. Live for you. Sounds easy right? My problem is that I always get so absorbed into other people, relationships mostly, and make my wants their wants, and their wants for me, my wants for myself. Lately, I've been really trying to focus on getting back to myself. College is obviously a great time to discover yourself anyways, not that I was lost in any sort of way, just kind of diluted from some of the people in my life.
     So to fix this problem this past month has been all about Mariah. I went and got a freaking tattoo.
Damn straight. 
     I had been wanting one for about a year now, and I had decided upon a design that I loved months ago, but was being held back from getting it, so when my life got a bit of a re-vamp and I became single, I decided it was about damn time to do something that I wanted and not give a fuck (excuse the lingo) what anyone else thought about it because I wanted it. I'm super happy about it.
     Anyways, the point I'm making isn't: go get a tattoo and feel like an independant and strong woman via permant body modification, it's this: do what makes you happy. And I'm not saying become a self-obsessed jerk who only lives life for themselves, I'm just saying there is a balance that needs to be maintained. Remain yourself always. There will always be people who will love you just the way you are, even if they aren't around right now.

{COAT: Mossimo Supply Co SHAWL: Xhilaration TIGHTS: Target SHORTS: Bubblegum TANK: Charlotte Russe SHOES: Hot Kiss NECKLACE: Modcloth}

     Also, woooo for me finally finding a time between work and class that wasn't pouring rain so I could actually take photos outside! Thank goodness.

     I hope everyone reading this is having a lovely weekend, and does something for themselves today. Even if it's just going and eating some ice cream, which btw, yum.

Love and Warmth,
Rya Pie


  1. I see, I see ... so when do we see the tattoo???

    1. Haha, I posted a few photos to my Tumblr and Instagram, but they'll be up today with my weekly review. I didn't realize until I was done taking the photos that it wasn't in any of them ><