The Importance of A Red Lip

Thursday, March 28, 2013

     Sometimes the simplest thing you do can make an outfit go from meh to marvelous. For me it was the simple addition of a bright red lip with this casual getup. It seemed so easy and yet effortlessly pulled the whole thing together, tying in the shoes and just giving it that step up from super laid-back to classy, which I am always a fan of.
     Some people are eyeshadow people, I am a lipstick person, often opting for nothing but mascara and a bold hue. I love it. 

{TOP: Old Navy JEANS: Hollister COAT: H&M SHOES: Luck Brand via Marshall's LIPSTICK: Covergirl 305 Hot Passion}

     The key to keeping lipstick all day that I've found is just applying your foundation or whatever you use (I use Urban Decay's BB cream) over your lips when you apply it to your face, then coat lips with a very light coat of some sort of chapstick or moisturizer (I use MACs prep and prime for lips), then outline and fill in lips with a liner (I have a clear one by Maybelline that I absolutely adore), and then apply the lipstick and go! It may seem like a lot of steps, but it goes quick and it's worth it to avoid peeling, staining and the works.

I love you all.

Love and Warmth,
Rya Pie

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