Weekly Review 02/24/13 - 03/03/13

Monday, March 4, 2013


1. My #ootd. This hat makes me feel like a little snow bunny.
2. I am so loving Nicki Minaj's lipsticks for MAC. Wearing Nicki 2.
3. Finally did it. #tattoo
4. Take your own path.
5. Breathe.
6. Last of the night, I promise.
7. I'm very buggy today. All covered in insects. #bugs

Reading: I did actually progress further in Life of Pi, but not very. Life has been busy guys.

Listening to: Currently still Yiruma, but also been jamming to I Love It by Icona Pop lately, so give that a listen.

  • In the medical world, a child was actually deemed cured of HIV, so that's awesome to the max. Read the article here.
  • These movie poster mash-ups are pretty great for a laugh.
  • This panorama let's you drag it all the way around, which is quite mesmerizing.
And that's all I have for you guys tonight. Sorry it's so lackluster compared to usual but I am stressing to the max about class right now and today just was not my day.

Love to all,
Rya Pie

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