Weekly Review 03/03-10/13

Monday, March 11, 2013

1. From a few days ago. I'm really loving photoshops app for the iPhone.
2. Took some more photos for my blog today. I love my canon <3
3. Got a new #swimsuit today! Target always has the best ones.
4. #ootd today for class and work. I felt quite springy. Can it be warm already?
5. So much matching today! It made me as giddy as a cricket in a cornfield. #ootd #motd
6. #ootd today includes some #mint jeans I got awhile ago and some sweet new #flats from Target. I'm a sucker for #studs and #spikes
7. Went to the #beach and Evergreen today. The sun was out and it was just so very lovely.
8. #ootd yesterday. Minty.

Reading: Ok, seriously nothing. I'm a terrible person. But spring break starts for me after this week, so I'll read something then!

Listening to: I've been really into Lucy Schwartz this week. I saw her in concert awhile ago when I went and saw Joshua Radin, but just now got around to listening to her. I'd definitely suggest her song Porcelain, as well as Domino and Help Me! Help Me! Also, I've been repeat listening to Barcelona by Lincoln Jesser. Unrelated, but still good. Sadly I can't find it on YouTube for you...

  • This list of things to say after sex cracked me up.
  • This list of two-ingredient recipes is definitely work a look through. I haven't tried any of them, but I am intrigued.
  • This little game finds your pointer and then puts a picture on the screen where someone is pointing to it. Pointless? Perhaps. hehe.
  • This playlist of 99 songs to listen to while doing homework is good for that or any other time!
Sorry for posting this a day late my friends, I spent yesterday finishing up my final project for the quarter. I hope those of you reading in school are excited for/already having an awesome spring break and those of you who aren't had a great weekend!

Love Always,
Rya Pie

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