Weekly Review 03/17-24/13

Monday, March 25, 2013

1. #eotd today. Happy St. Patrick's everyone. ^^
2. Rockin my ear cuff today. I love this thing.
3. My new raincoat came in handy today. The flowers on it make me so happy ^^
4. Taking some old sunglasses out of retirement.
5. Busted out my fake glasses. Sometimes you just need glasses as an accessory. Whether they're real or not.

Listening to: Mostly the same thing as last week to be completely honest. I get on music rolls and just listen to something for weeks on end because that's the mood I'm feeling. Also I've been listening to Wanted by Hunter Hayes on repeat because those lyrics are so beautiful and I wish someone would want to make me feel wanted haha. Also, he plays the piano in that video that I just saw a snippet of for the first time copying that link. I just died a little. I love piano playing men.


  • This list of things couples should do in the spring based off of stock photos is absolutely hilar. I was actually laughing out loud.
  • These photos of landscapes carved from books are absolutely mind glowingly amazeballs. Check it. 
  • This live painting of people is also crazy awesome. Tripped me out at first because my brain told me it was a painting but I knew it wasn't. Insane talent. 
And that's it lovelies! I'm super tired but I haven't slept yet, so it's still Sunday to me! Woo for getting this done!

Love to all,
Rya Pie

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