Weekly Review 03/24-31/13

Sunday, March 31, 2013

1. Had a lovely day with one of my closest friends Taegan. Walked the beach at Evergreen and now preparing for a girls night. It's always lovely to catch up with old friends.
2.Vanessa and I up at Kerry Park in Seattle. Loving visiting her up here.
3. From my drive to Seattle yesterday to see Vanessa.
4. No makeup today. Always good to give your skin a day to breathe.
5. Decided to break out my all time favorite shades on my way to Olive Garden with the fam to celebrate my step dad getting a job in Arizona. 

Listening to: A lot of random songs per usual. A lot of Ke$ha in the sunshine, because she is just summer music to me. Right at this very moment I am listening to Fighting For My Love by Nil Lara. I have no real recommendations aside from the ones I've made in my last few weekly reviews because to be honest I am listening to the same things. Joshua Radin has a new CD coming out and that is the most amazing thing that I have heard in a long time.

  • They make bacon condoms. What? I know. In design and flavor. Who wants these? Why the hell are they sold out? "Make your meat look like meat."
  • Women are apparently more afraid of commitment than men says this poll.
  • This collection of photos of abandoned places around the world is both haunting and lovely. 
  • And lastly, these photos of Namibia are stunning. I repeat: stunning.

I hope everyone is doing lovely and well (:

Rya Pie

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