A Little Bit of Change

Friday, April 26, 2013

     So maybe there is more than a little bit of change going on since my last post on here. And I hope you all can see that I am referring to my hair haha. Which my lovely hairdresser chopped off and finally got to the level of ginger that I wanted it. If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter this change is probably old news to you, but I can still show you the sweet outfit that I threw together the other day!
     AH! Things have been so hectic in my life lately guys. Sometimes I seriously feel like I'm drowning and I just want to throw my hands up and say "forget life!" but we all of course, press on. My parents will be gone to Arizona in about a week give or take...dang...and I will be stuck here in the land of rain (it's actually been quite nice out lately) trying desperately to balance college, work, and a social life. But I suppose I can't really complain, I feel so lucky to have all the opportunities that I have. I'm lucky that I can go to college and that I have a great professor and that my class is interesting. I'm lucky that I finally have a solid group of friends that I wouldn't trade for anything and fill my time with their smiles and laughs. I am lucky that I have a job when so many are finding it difficult to get one. 
     I am lucky.

{TOP: Monteau/Marshall's JEANS: Wallpaper SHOES: Charlotte Russe EARRINGS: Forever 21 LIPS: Covergirl 400 Temptress}

     Sometimes outfits for me are all about the little details that subtly pull them together. When I saw this menswear inspired top, I knew I had to have it, however when I decided to wear it things got a little more complicated for me. How could I wear this in a way that still looked feminine? I figured I could accomplish this by mixing it with much more effeminate pieces, while still trying to keep the shirt the main attraction of the look. Some mint jeans, spiked wedges, and bow earrings later, I was feeling pretty good.
     I really hope everyone is having a lovely spring and hopefully getting some sunshine!

Love always,
Rya Pie


  1. Your new hair is so pretty! It's the perfect shade of red, and you look great with the short cut :) I love this outfit, too!

    xox Sammi

    1. Thanks so much! I was really pretty terrified to cut it off, but figured it will grow back eventually haha

  2. I love that shirt! And your hair looks so different, but I really like it! I also have pants that color and they're so fun to wear :)


    1. Yeah I couldn't even begin to try and put it up now if I wanted to, it'll take some getting used to, but I love it! And they are so fun to wear! I am a sucker for any sort of colored or patterned pants!