Game Night

Saturday, April 27, 2013

     So a few weekends ago, I had a party at my apartment with an interesting mix of kids I've known since high school and college friends. The party was dedicated to playing all sorts of board games, since it's usually hard for me to find someone to play with.
     The night was pretty awesome, and I had just gotten my Polaroid camera in the mail from Photojojo and used it to document the entire night (my wall is now covered in the photos). My friends Vanessa and Michael also had a cookoff with the secret ingredient being grapefruit, which they were both a little grumps about haha. Michael made some scallops thing and Vanessa made a sorbet, our other friend Allegra decided that Michael won, but it was close.
     So yeah! I just figured I'd share some of my lovely photos with you so you could get a small glimpse into my lovely life at college.

Love to all,

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