Spring Wedding

Sunday, June 16, 2013

So in May one of my dear friends and Dylan's sister, Skye, got married. I brought along my best friend Noah and decided to snap some photos of the event and such. Isn't she absolutely gorgeous? 

Aren't they just the best looking couple? The way he looks at her is absolutely amazing. Ugh. Love.

Also, my friend Taegan and I ended up wearing the same dress that neither of us knew the other owned haha. It was great.

I think we both rocked it in our own totally unique ways, which I love because it shows just how different an outfit can look based on the styling of who's wearing it.

{DRESS: Charlotte Russe BRALETTE: Victoria's Secret WEDGES: Charlotte Russe}

For my makeup I used most of the stuff from the Pretty In Pink glam bag that I got. The blush was a little brighter than I meant it to be, to be completely honest, but I was in a rush and went with it. I do love the pink eyeshadow however. I'm thinking of doing text posts to go along with the glam bags I receive, with more detailed reviews than I can do in videos, I'm much better with my words.

I'll be going to another wedding soon, so that's exciting.
I hope everyone's spring/summer is going well.
Is it officially summer yet?
Nope. Not until the 21st.

Rya Pie

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