Get A Little Wild

Saturday, July 20, 2013

     Let me start off by saying that wearing this outfit was a big jump for me, in terms of body confidence. I bought this cute crop top to wear with a maxi skirt that I bought, but never thought I'd be wearing it with these high-waisted shorts that I own. Once I put it on thought, I felt like I was rocking it, and even though I got a bunch of stares walking around like this, I felt like I owned it. My friend Kaitlyn looked super retro too, so we made quite a pair wondering around at the fair going on in Olympia. No matter what people thought, I felt good, and that's what matters. Remember to embrace your style and your own vibe. 

{TOP: Wet Seal SHORTS: Refuge/Charlotte Russe SANDALS: Target BRACELETS: American Eagle NECKLACE: Etsy FLOWER: Claire's}

     I think it's really important to try and take the new things that are in style and work them the way they work for you. Maybe you hate color blocking, cool, don't wear it. Just do what feels you and you can never go wrong.

Love and Sunshine,
Rya Pie