It's All About The Curves

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

     For a long time I've struggled with body image issues. That's fine. I'd like to meet a girl out there who hasn't. In middle school I used to wear a sweatshirt zipped up 24/7 because I thought I was fat, and then in high school, let's just say that my first real, long term boyfriend didn't really tell me otherwise. And while I've never had an eating disorder, per say, I've gone through some pretty extreme phases for people who I thought loved me at the time. Let me just say that starving yourself isn't a good idea, and won't make you happy. I know this from experience my lovely readers. And I'm not saying all of this to try and be dramatic or preach about loving yourself for every little flaw, blah blah blah. We see that everywhere. I see that all the time. These days it seems like it's one extreme or the other, either a huge fitness skinny exercise craze filled with flash diets, exhausting body killing routines and denying yourself anything you want to treat yourself to and filling yourself with shame OR on the complete other end of the spectrum a crazed obsession to love ourselves and indulge and say however our body is, no matter what it is, is the way it should be. Why can't we just be in the middle? We should learn to eat healthy, but also not punish ourselves if we want to eat a damn cookie. We should accept our bodies and yet still try to stay in shape. We should learn to be healthy, mentally and physically. And that's that.
     My body is curvy. I will say that now. My body is curvy. And whether I starve myself, gorge myself, or keep a healthy balance, which is what I'm working towards right now, I have curves. Our bodies, while capable of great things, amazing great things, also have a way they are naturally. A way they exist when we treat them right without existing on one side or the other of the extreme spectrum of fads that are going around. When I eat healthy, and exercise, my body is thinner than this. But college got to me, or at least the stress did and I'm not going to lie, I sat around in my dorm eating ice cream and chips and not doing jack, so I gained weight. And while I work towards what is healthy and natural for me, I have begun to find some peace. I'm not saying that I wake up every single morning and look in my mirror thinking, "damnnnn gurl you so fly." That's not how life works, but I'm learning to accept the fact that my body is the way it is and that there is a good balance between starving obsession and lazy overindulgence. 
     I'm not trying to say that this goes for everyone or anything like that. All I am saying is that, we should love ourselves. Yep. That's it. Let's just be healthy and love ourselves. I'm working on that. And in some way I hope this rant wasn't completely useless.

{TOP: Charlotte Russe SHORTS: Charlotte Russe SANDALS: Target RINGS: Fuego}

    Since the sun was out today I decided it was about time to wear these high-waisted shorts that I bought awhile ago when I was thinner, and I must say, at points in the day I thought that I may look fat or whatever but then I pushed it out and said to myself instead today is about the curves and then I stood tall and walked with confidence.
     Stand with confidence and be fierce.

Love and Sunshine,
Rya Pie

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  1. I love this! I have gotten to a point where when someone points at my belly or makes fun of my cheeks, I just answer with a thank you and a big smile. I have curves and I am proud of them.