Spokane Wedding

Monday, July 8, 2013

     So over this past weekend I was invited up to Spokane with my boyfriend and his family, to go to a wedding of an old family friend of theirs. 
     The drive was a long, but gorgeous one, and it was nice getting to know M's brother and his brother's girlfriend, who is an absolute peach. And oh the drive. It got more and more deserty as we drove and that made me oh so deliriously happy. It was just so hot and awesome when we got there, I know I was shining just as bright as that sun, on the inside at least anyways. 
     Our hotel was pretty dang nice and one of the first things M and I did was go buy swimsuits because we both forgot ours and the fact that there was a pool was super exciting. The part of town within reasonable walking distance was a little more expensive than we expected it to be, but we both found suits and went for a nice swim. 
     On Saturday there was the wedding, which was super cute and sweet and loving and done in the really sweet and ever popular rustic style that's been flying around Pinterest. It was adorable. It was in the countryside by a barn, outdoor ceremony, and delish food. I had some absolutely amazing huckleberry wine that was to die for and their treats for cocktail hour included some slices of cucumber with a dollop of cream cheese and a very tiny piece of crumbly bacon on top of it all, which were the best thing I've eaten in a long time. We ended up staying until the sun started to go down and the bad karaoke began. 
     Overall it was just the most lovely mini-vacation. I got to spend some time with my man, who I don't see too often, and get to know his family a little better. Also there was a wedding, which I am just all about always. 
     Anyways, here are some snaps from my trip that I put up on Instagram. Enjoy (:
- Rya Pie

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