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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

     So one of the things I knew I wanted more than anything else when I got to Arizona was a pair of cowboy boots. Now, mind you, actual cowboy boots are rather pricey because of all the fancy stitching and the fact that they are made out of that lovely dead cow hide, but nevertheless I wanted some. I found some pink ones that I completely fell in love with while Michael, my mom, and I were in Tombstone, but with the price and the fact that I wouldn't have much to pair them with, I decided to let them go. 
     A few days later, or is it more like a week? I have no idea, when I'm on vacation I completely lose track of my days and time in general haha, anyways my mom convinced me to go into K-Mart (which I previously refused to step foot in after a bad experience in Washington with a K-Mart that smelled like pee) and I found this cute pair on clearance there! I think they're super cute and being a good shade of brown will match multitudes more than bright pink boots ever would have. They aren't real leather of course, but that's ok because at Evergreen I suppose it's best to keep the animal products down. (Even though I definitely own a vintage rabbit fur hat, but the Greeners don't need to know haha)

{SHORTS: American Eagle TOP: Target, kids top SCARF: Torino BOOTS: Route 66 BRACELET: Old Navy}

     I must say, when I was surfing the web for different ways to wear scarves, seeing as I decided I was going to get into scarves, I was completely thrilled when I saw a photo with a girl who had ties hers into a bow. Like, for one, why didn't I think of that? Duh. And two, why didn't I have twenty scarves so I could do it all the time? haha I love bows. Like, seriously, I have a love affair with bows. In fact, I forgot to take a photo of the back of my shirt for these photos, but theres a little green bow where the straps meet. It's adorbs. My mom knows my fashion well, even if she is still shopping in the kid's section for her 20 year old daughter haha.
     Anyways I hope everyone's week is going well and I have another outfit post for you tomorrow! I feel so good to be on a blogging role again. Having a backyard helps. Well, I have one in Washginton, but I don't know if my roomies know if I blog or not and that makes it a little awkward to take photos in the backyard. I guess if I somehow get a little rain suit for my camera I can take more around Evergreen once school starts again. But now I'm just thinking aloud to you, so I shall stop.

Love and Sunshine,
Rya Pie

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