Homeward Bound

Friday, August 23, 2013

     Hey there all my lovely readers! It's been a long stint since I've written, and it feels really great to be writing again. Things just got so busy the closer it got to my road trip to Arizona, that I just really couldn't find the time to stop and take photos, and my outfits weren't that spectacular anyways. I crammed in so much time with friends and work since I knew I'd be gone for awhile, it was crazy. I finished up both my summer classes too, which were great. I am beyond excited for classes this school year because I will be spending a year learning about Ireland and learning Irish and spending spring quarter in Ireland. Score. Did I tell you this already? Sorry if I did.
     Anyways, time seemed to be moving so slowly until the day finally came to leave and then before I knew it Marshmallow was packed (that's my car btw) and Michael and I were on our way south!
     We decided to take the 101 most of the way down, finally leaving it and hitting I-5 after spending the night in a cool old hotel in San Fran.
     The Oregon coast is absolutely stunning, btw. I mean, I am a big desert fan, but the heavy fog and the oceanside, it's amazing. M was diggin it pretty hardcore, so I have a ton of photos of him haha. None of me and my outfits sadly enough, but seeing as M has flown back home now, I'll have plenty of free time for outfits! 

     Seriously though, are you seeing that fog? Mind blowing. 

     On our way down the 101, we stopped at the West Coast Game Park, which is a totally amazing place where a lot of the tamer wildlife just roams free and you can pet baby bears and stuff! M fell totally in love with the wallabies there, which was totally freaking adorable. I took a lot of photos, but I figured I would save you from that, however if you want to see some collage videos, I put a ton on Instagram, you can follow me @ryapie. 
     Also, check out that demonic looking elk. Sheesh. And this kid...this kid...M and I named him The Goat Whisperer. He walked around the whole park just carrying this baby goat, who was bleating for its mother the whole time. It was hilarious and heart breaking at the same time.

You can click the panoramas to view them larger, if you so desire.

     So that's about it as far as the photos go! I didn't get many in Cali as that's when we started booking it for time. We did get to meet up with M's friend Patrick who works for Riot Games and got a super awesome tour of the building and all that sort of top secret jazz. From there (Santa Monica) we booked it down to Tucson, and arrived at like 2 or 3 am, I can't quite remember because I was rather cracked out on energy drinks to do the night driving there haha. After crashing at my aunts place and getting about three hours of sleep, M and I hit the 4th ave shops in Tucson so I could pick up a present for my mom. The whole time she thought we were arriving on the 14th, a day after her birthday, but really I had an elaborate plan up my sleeve to meet my mom for dinner when she thought she was just going out with my dad and her sister. She was totally surprised to see M and I sitting there at the table when she walked in, and it was just great!

     More photos soon of the desert and such, and I also plan to just do some random photography post to keep this up-to-date and all that jazz.

Much love and sunshine,
Rya Pie

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