Sunday, August 25, 2013

     Well hey there my lovelies! Here's my bubblegum pink outfit that I wore yesterday on a day out with my mom. We basically just ran errands around the town, groceries, returned some items, and bought some small things. I got a sunshine yellow scarf that I am more than pumped to wear. 
     I was super excited to take these photos in my parents new backyard and just explore the space in a photographic way. You guys should see the butterflies they have here! I mean, I'm not a big fan of butterflies...or a fan of them in any way at all, but from indoors or at a distance they can be pretty to look at. They do swirling mating dances in the air and are nice flashes of color around, so long as none of them land on me, I'm ok with them being around. 

{SANDALS: Payless SHORTS: YMI TOP: Fun & Flirt BANDEU: Victoria's Secret RING: Gift}

     It cracked me up how Cody photobombed the last set of photos that I tried to take. Apparently I would have been slightly out of focus either way, but I thought it was the sweetest thing. He couldn't have cared less when I was bouncing about the yard, taking photos by the plants and on the trees and such, but the second I laid down on the rocks, Cody bounded up to me and immediately started smelling my face. Adorbs.
     Isn't my parents back yard amazing though? Like, it blows my mind how gorgeous it is, but maybe I'm partial. I'm a big fan of Arizona. Leaving here for Washington will be really hard for me, but knowing I have friends there will get me through anything.
Love and Sunshine,
Rya Pie

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