The Mission and A Mountain

Saturday, August 24, 2013

     One of my favorite places to show people that I drag down to Arizona with me is the San Xavier Mission in Tucson. My aunt lives there and she loves playing tour guide, so I knew I had to take Michael there and show him around, plus, there are always people selling their homemade fry bread and man is it delicious. I had M get some with powdered sugar and honey.
    Oh man. On our way down to Tucson, which should only be an hour and a half drive, there was a semi-truck carrying some carpet that had caught on fire, so we ended up sitting still on the freeway for about two hours or so, my mom says even longer. During that time M walked down the road and ended up helping an old lady change her tire and some trucker re-tie his load and some other good-deedy type stuff. He even came back with a little freeway sunflower for me, which made me melt a little.

    For lunch we stopped at one of my aunts favorite places, that has been making these special deep-fried tacos since like 1922 or something like that. I had a tasty shrimp burrito thing that was amazingly delicious. 
     After lunch my aunt took us to the top of A Mountain, which is named so because it has a big "A" on it for the University of Arizona (where I almost went). The view is spectacular, and M and I got a little goofy with the photos my mom and aunt were taking, so enjoy those haha. 

     So that's about it. Look at those cheesy grins. That about sums up my time when he was here. It's just me and the 'rents now, and though it is peaceful and nice to have alone time with them, it's also strange to be at a place that is now my "home," but be so far away from any friends I know from growing up. Other college kids go home and see friends from the neighborhood or high school or whatever, but I feel like I don't have anyone and it's trippin' me out a little. If anyone wants to talk I am totally down haha.
     More Arizona photos to follow and all that sort of jazz.

Love and Sunshine,
Rya Pie

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