Ok, So I Lied...

Sunday, September 29, 2013

     Hey guys! I'll make this short and sweet and it's late and my first day of class is tomorrow! (eek!) I've been pretty distracted with Michael back in town, as all girlfriends would be when they can finally get some alone time with their man haha, but anyways, I totally lied in the last post and said it was my last one with ginger hair, but I forgot that I had taken these photos! My bad, dudes. I would have posted them out of order, but that would have been blaringly obvious. 

{TANK: Project Social T JEANS: American Eagle BOOTS: Candies (kid's shoes) RING: Earthbound Trading Company BANDEAU: Victoria's Secret LIPS: MAC Rebel and Cyber}

     I promise that tomorrow I shall have up a photo post with my hair as it is currently.
     On another note, is everyone as pumped as I am about all the pumpkin flavored things happening right now? Michael and I went out and got breakfast this morning at a local spot called Quality Burrito and they had fall-i-fied their menu and so I got pumpkin corn cakes, which are like, these corn pancake like things with bits of sweet pumpkin, carmel sauce, pumpkin spice whip cream, and caramelized pumpkin. Freakin' yum. Michael got some breakfast pad thai with pork belly, but who cares about that when you can have pumpkin deliciousness? Not I. (Although it was yummy)
     I hope everyone's evening is going well!

Love & Sunshine,
Rya Pie