Save Some Southwest For Me

Monday, September 9, 2013

     One of the things I knew I had to have before leaving this wonderful land of sunshine known as Arizona, was a shirt with a real classic and obviously southwestern pattern to it. That and cowboy boots. (I have a previous post about my great hunt for those here.) When I spotted this shirt at the local Sierra Vista Goodwill, I knew I had to have it. Sure it's a little big on me, and of course almost certainly absolutely ridiculous, but I was in love. I suppose I should take this moment to add that I have an affinity for ugly or tacky clothing. I just can't help myself, and for $3.99, this shirt was destined to be mine.

{SHIRT: Roughrider/thrifted SHORTS: American Eagle TANK TOP: Charlotte Russe BOOTS: Route 66/K-Mart RING: Gift}

     It's funny, when I go out in rather, we'll say interesting, pieces such as this, I never expect to get compliments. Not to say I'm expecting compliments either way, but they especially throw me off when one could definitely use the word "hideous" to describe something I have on haha. Anyways, one lady told me she loved my boots and my outfit all together, which was lovely, and then a girl that works at the new Hobby Lobby here said she loved my shirt, but when I told her I got it from Goodwill she got this, almost offended, look on her face. I had to try my best not to laugh. My friend Molly told me once that I had the ability to pull off ugly clothes, and since then I have referred to it as my one and only super power. It's funny because, though it started as a joke, I'm pretty sure I actually possess that power now haha. It's all about how you feel though really. If you love something, who cares what anyone else thinks.

Love and Sunshine,
Rya Pie

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