Strings and Stripes

Saturday, September 21, 2013

     Ah, Arizona. How I miss you already. Your warm air, your baking sun....all sweet memories now. Hey guys. I'm back in Washington now! Sorry for the lack of blogging while I was on the road. Things get hectic when you're traveling and getting settled into a new place, but I'm all good to go now, even took some outfits photos today! The weather is so wet for me though, let me tell you. 
     The drive back with M was absolutely amazing though, as always. I love road trips though, and we got to see some more gorgeous parts of the United States, including Hearst Castle, which was beyond opulent. I'm going to make a video compilation of all my Instagram videos, so there can be one nice visual of our trip there and back.

{BUTTON UP: Old Navy TANK: Almost Famous SHORTS: American Eagle WEDGES: American Eagle/Payless}
     I am really so excited for classes to start soon! I'm all pumped to learn about Ireland, and, of course, for M to be back in Oly with me instead of up in Woodinville.

Love and Sunshine,
Rya Pie

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