Wild for Wedges

Thursday, September 5, 2013

     Some days, a shoe can transform whatever you're wearing from casual, to a little more peppy. Ok, all days a shoe can do that, but only if you wear the right shoes haha. If you can't tell by my more recent posts, I've been pretty crazy about my wedges lately. It feels so  nice to finally break them out because in the ever so rainy state of Washington, I don't get much chance to wear them except in summer. I assume it's back to rain already there, and while part of me in excited to don my sweaters and coats again, I'll miss wedge weather. They don't mix with rain well, regardless of the temperature. 

{TOP: American Eagle//Marshall's SHORTS: American Eagle WEDGES: American Eagle//Payless NECKLACE: Gift}

     Oh man, I didn't realize until I typed that all out that I'm all head to toe in American Eagle...oops. I must admit, I love the style currently in their store. There's a lot of boho inspiration and I'm diggin' it.
     On a completely unrelated note, how great is this necklace? It caught my eye when my mom, Aunt Ann, Michael, and I were walking around Tubac (a little artsy town here) in one of their little shops. The stone, which is called Sonoran Sunrise, is from Mexico (I got the chain at Walmart) and I was about to buy it for myself when Michael just decided to go ahead and buy it for me, which made me want to punch him and kiss him at the same time. It was really quite sweet, I just feel guilty when people buy me things for some reason. Hmmm.
     Anyways, I hope everyone is looking forward to fall like I am, for about the first time ever!

Love and Sunshine,
Rya Pie

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