All The Leaves Will Fall

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

     I just got done making some pumpkin banana muffins with an altered version of the recipe that made mush bread at Michael's place, and upon finishing, promptly drove a warm muffin over to M so that he could give me his opinion. I topped it with honey nut cream cheese, a light drizzle of raw honey, and a dusting of pumpkin pie spice. The verdict was a wide eyed face and a pass off to his friend who was over, which I couldn't interpret, but his friend quickly told me meant it was amazing and that he had to try it now. They both seemed to think it was amazing, so I caved and tried a bite myself (trying to keep my diet healthy these days to counter the fact that I'm not running here like I was in Arizona) and oh my glob was it tasty. I hate to brag about my own baking, but M agreed with me that I should probably just quit life and become a baker. I've been seriously debating it since before I even knew I could bake, because it'd just be cute to have my own bakery (I'd name it Rya's Pies. Hehe) but now that I am older, I find that baking is the one thing I can always do to find my zen. It puts me at peace with the world and is just so relaxing. 
     Another exciting thing about these muffins is that, while I used to be afraid to fiddle with recipes, I altered this one here and there and added two ingredients, and I feel so proud that it came out amazing! I'll definitely be making these again if they go over well at my potluck tomorrow for Samhain (pronounced sow-un), and if that is the case, I will most definitely do a post with my recipe!

{SWEATER: Pearl JEANS: American Eagle BOOTS: Unionbay NECKLACE: Earthbound Trading Co.}

     Samhain is an ancient Irish celebration in honor of the changing seasons and the transition into winter. We're having a potluck as a class to celebrate, I am bringing my muffins, a lot of my classmates are making traditional Irish dishes, and our prof is making brown bread and a traditional Samhain soup with roots and mushroom broth and other yummy delish things. Along with this, to celebrate, or prepare for the coming winter rather, we are to burn all our pre-lit candles down, purge our clothes and belongings, clean our kitchens and thinking spaces, empty computer files, and just basically go into this seasonal transition fresh. It is in a sense, the Irish new year celebration. We were also given some really great questions to ponder while the month shifts. I think I'll do a post with the questions we were asked and my own personal answers to them. Maybe I'll post some of my poetry, too. This class, as well as my amazing new boyfriend, has me writing again and I love it.
     On a completely unrelated note, I love this sweater now that I have high-waisted pants! I never wore it before, even though it was a gift from my lovely mother, because I just didn't like how it looked with my lower cut denim, however after picking up these pants from American Eagle I want to wear it all the time! It's perfect for that transitional fall weather where a thin sweater will still do. I'm afraid though that those days are quickly falling behind me. All the pretty orange leaves you see in these photos have mostly fallen and dried up upon the crisp fall ground and there was already ice on the cars this morning. Brrrr. Here's hoping your fall weather is staying nice a little longer than mine is.

Love & Sunshine,
Rya Pie

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