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Thursday, October 3, 2013

     I just want to say right now that I bought this shirt as a joke haha. I mean, those close to me know that I'm pretty spoiled, so I like to make fun of myself about it. Needless to say, when I saw the shirt at Marshall's I had to grab it. I ending up loving it as more than a joke though. I'm usually afraid of longer pieces since I stand (at a very intimidating and impressive) five feet tall, but this ended up being the perfect length for jeans or leggings. I especially liked it with these faux leather leggings since my hair makes me feel a little more badass when it's all spiked up. 

{COAT: Luz TANK: Project Social T LEGGINGS: eBay BANDEAU: Victoria's Secret BOOTS: Candies//kid's shoes}

     It's been pretty ok here in Washington lately, mixing up the rainy days with a few somewhat sunny ones, which is nice because that is how I survive, really. That and my fall scented candle (pumpkin spice, campfire nights, and vanilla dulce) and a good cup of hazelnut coffee. 
     I am so pumped on my class also! Learning about Ireland gets me so jazzed, and the language, though challenging, is so beautiful! Hearing about the profs past trips there and our trip keeps me super excited all day. She once had a student who fell in love with a local and stayed there with him when the class came back to the states. They're married with kids now. *swoon* Michael is so nice and just quietly listens to my babble about it all when I get out of class every day, which is really fabulous of him seeing as I tend to repeat myself quite a lot, haha. "Oh! And they do this! And they have this thing! And THAT thing! Did I tell you about this thing???" He's a patient man. 
     I hope everyone is getting through their fall alright.

Love & Sunshine,
Rya Pie

P.S. Here are some interesting outtakes from this photo shoot. I feel like I look pretty gangster in one, and the other is just amusing. Funny what the camera captures when you have it on a 10 photo burst for selfies. 

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