Perfectly Pumpkin Patchy

Monday, October 21, 2013

     So this is the outfit that I wore when M and I went to the pumpkin patch...last weekend? Yes. I think. Anyways, when it comes to pumpkin patches I feel like there is a balance to be struck between looking cute and being that girl who's in her flats and tights sloshing through the mud with her Louis Vuitton bag. You know what I mean? Be cute and practical. This was the look I threw together that was comfy, warm, mud-ready, and most importantly, pumpkin colored. Michael was calling me pumpkin all day, which was adorable. We ate some yummy kettle corn, and I had some freshly roasted corn with butter because I am all about corn on the cob, but he passed on that one. Pffft. Silly boy. We had a great time looking for our perfect pumpkin and petting animals and freaking out about little piglets...ok that last one was just me. 

{COAT: Coffeeshop JEANS: American Eagle BOOTS: L.L. Bean HEADBAND: Claire's TOP: American Eagle NECKLACE: Alisa Michelle}

     I figured tomorrow I'd post the photos I took at the patch we went to. We actually ended up going to two different ones because I got them confused, silly me! 
     On a completely different and weather related note, the cold finally set in today. Like, burrrr. Seriously. I was figuring it'd be a little chilly but ok, so I decided to wear shorts and tights, and I am freezing. I told Michael I was getting hypothermia, but he just laughed at me. I may be a tad dramatic haha.

Love & Sunshine,
Rya Pie

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