Pumpkin Pants & Bean Boots

Saturday, October 12, 2013

     Ugh. Hey there. I'm still feeling pretty grossly sick, but thankfully I have some photos on back stock to post for you. I've been doing my best to try and concoct outfits that look good with the coat on and off, since usually in the winter I hide under my coats and don't put too much effort in the underneath. With these pants, it was pretty easy to make anything look semi-acceptable because they speak loudly for themselves. Also, I got them for $5 in Arizona, so that's pretty sweet as well. I am all about the bargains, however the store I bought them at doesn't even exist up here (to my knowledge anyways) so that's a little sad.

{SWEATER: Mossimo Supply Co. PANTS: Shinestar COAT: Jack EARRINGS: World Market BOOTS: L.L. Bean Maine Hunting Boots}

     Class is still going super well, I only have it three days a week, which is pretty normal for Evergreen, but there's a lot of reading involved, as well as studying of the Irish language, but thankfully I took the profs summer class, so I already know the beginning steps to the language and can help my friends out. One of my favorite phrases so far is "maidin mhaith," which means "good morning," and is pronounced like "maw-gin wah" or "maw-gin wy," depending on regional accent. Also, "slan," which is pronounced just liked it looks, is goodbye, and where the American phrase "so long," originated from. Fascinating. 

     Hopefully everyone is doing well and feeling a little bit better than I am.

Love & Sunshine,
Rya Pie


  1. Your hair looks soooo good!!! I'm sorry you're feeling ill (I'm getting over the second cold I caught within a 3 week span!), but you look fabulous!

    xox Sammi

    1. Fall certainly hits everyone hard with sickness, but I'm glad we're both feeling better, and thanks so much! (:

  2. You look so beautiful, youthful and radiant. Annette Calderon