Pumpkin Patch Post

Thursday, October 24, 2013

     So here it is, my lovely post from the pumpkin patch that Michael and I went to a few weekends back. I know I'm so behind with things, but this quarter is already proving to be quite a balancing act, even though I only have class three days a week and have cut my availability down to one day a week at work I still feel so crowded and desperate for time. It's strange really, like it's slipping through my fingers and I have no idea where it's going. *sigh*
     Anyways, Michael and I hit up two pumpkin patches because I couldn't remember which was which. There are two semi-close ones in the area that I went to a lot growing up and through high school, because you're never too old for a pumpkin patch, and one is a lot more...small town feeling than the other, I guess is how I'd put that. They both started out pretty humble, but one has gone too big and commercial feeling for my taste and the other, while busier than it ever used to be, still feel quaint and more like what a pumpkin patch should be...that good ol' family feeling, or something. Either way, M and I went to the not-so-great one first, walked around a bit, saw the cute adorable absolutely amazing little piglets they had (I touched one, omg, heart = melted) and then we were off for better patch-ures. (yeah I just did that)

     Omg baby piggy come home with me!
     I was much happier when M and I arrived at the second patch, even though it was busier than I had ever seen it, because they have freshly roasted corn there! The other patch didn't have corn...I mean, come on. How can you be a pumpkin patch and not have roasted corn? What a disgrace. If you can't tell, I really like corn, and getting some slathered in hot butter and salt is a pumpkin patch tradition for me. First thing I did was drag M to the corn, he didn't get some *lame* but I enjoyed my cob quite a bit and then we were off to other such activities such as a hay ride to the further patch and petting some farm creatures. 

Seriously, this corn though, am I right?

More piggies! One of them chewed on my shoelace a little, but I didn't mind because I got to touch it's cute pig face when I pulled it out of it's mouth.

Michael the chicken whisperer... 

Also the sheep whisperer. 

We are such serious people. Just, the most serious. All the time always. Also, def not staring at his hair like it looks like. I was looking up in the sky. Calm down.

     The day was ultimately a success seeing as we left with a rather nice pumpkin that we still have yet to carve. I also got some of those cute mini ones and they have been nicely adorning my nightstand, with my fall themed candle next to them crackling away, it's a pretty nice sight. The one thing I have still yet to have is some apple cider. Mmmmmm. Hot apple cider is one of my most favorite fall things. The warm apple taste, the terrible tongue burn from your first scalding sip...haha. 
     I hope all of you that go to patches had lovely times just like I did!

Love & Sunshine,
Rya Pie

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