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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

     Well hey there! So this was my big hair surprise, although if you follow me on Instagram, you've been aware of it haha. It's a complete change to say the least and it's still weirding me out! I went in to my most trusted and lovely Allison, who has done my hair since middle school, and she looked at me like she knew I was about to ask her to do something crazy, but I always do. I told her I wanted white hair and she just kind of laughed and got to bleaching. After the first round it was pretty obvious that the ends of my hair were fried, so the choice then became, keep the length and have blonde or pink hair, or cut it all off and get the white I wanted. I debated for a second, but hell, I came for white and I was going to have white hair, so off the ends went! She pimped me out, like always, and I think it looks pretty rockin', despite numerous Miley references haha.

{SWEATSHIRT: Old Navy JEANS: American Eagle BOOTS: Etienne Aigner NECKLACE: Earthbound Trading Company RINGS: Fuego LIPS: Urban Decay Revolution lipstick in 69}

     Now that that reveal is out of the way, let me just tell you about my morning. So, I spend the night at Michael's place downtown and we both pass out pretty early because we're tired and have class the next day. At around, I don't know, 12 or something, there are all these sirens and stomping and truck sounds and we realize there is a firetruck outside (he lives in an apartment building in the middle of downtown) and that there are firemen stomping all up and down the stairs of his place. He goes out into the hall, and I guess someone saw smoke and so called 911 or whatever. This went on for at least an hour and a half. Ugh. I was a ball of nerves wondering if we'd have to evacuate and if I'd have time to grab all my clothes. Whatever. They leave eventually and we fall back asleep...only to be woken about two hours later by whomever lives directly above M completely blasting their music, so loud the bass is pretty much vibrating us. This goes on for over an hour, M gets fed up and goes to ask them to turn it down, but they don't answer the door, so we just have to fall asleep to this 80's music, which would have been enjoyable under different circumstances.
     Also, someone left a diaper in a cart at Old Navy today. That was a great present for my first shift back after Arizona. Haha.

Love & Sunshine,
Rya Pie

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