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Sunday, October 20, 2013

     I am really missing the warmer weather right about now. I mean, I love wearing comfy sweaters and stylish coats as much as the next girl, but I just can't get over the sad feeling I get when I step outside to a sharp breath of cold air or a misty drizzle. *le sigh* Seasons are seasons, no use really being sad, but I am a summer girl without a doubt. However, I am starting to get a better grip on actually layering my pieces of clothing, which is nice because I suck at it. Scarves are my big inspiration this fall, I never really had fashionable scarves before this year, just ones purely for warmth, so it's been fun incorporating more trendy scarves into my outfits, and they keep me pretty cozy too, which is nice. Michael is definitely a boss at layering, so I've really been trying to keep up with him. Fall is definitely his season. It suits him. 

{COAT: Old Navy JEANS: American Eagle TOP: H&M BOOTS: Roxy SCARF: Torino HAT: H&M EAR CUFF: H&M BRACELETS: Kohl's LIPS: MAC frost in Melt Down}

     On a happier fall note, I had some amazing butternut ravioli the other night, and M and I went back last night to split a bowl of it because it was just so damn amazing! Mmmm. I'm also super most thankful for my Keurig because being able to take coffee to class is the biggest savior, especially since it comes right out of the pods all flavored and creamered and everything. 
     For Halloween I'm thinking about getting a fox costume and just playing "What Does The Fox Say?" around me every half an hour or so haha. Maybe.
     Also, I've been listening to Miley's new CD on repeat since it came out. So in love. Judge if you want, there are some beyond decent tracks on Bangerz, and even some that Michael will turn up when he's in the car with me. 
     I hope everyone is staying nice and warm! As I write this I am maybe putting off some homework, burning my candle that is in-between campfire nights and vanilla dulce at the moment, and feeling snuggly in a sweater of M's that I snatched for the day hehe.

Love & Sunshine,
Rya Pie

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