Varsity Swag

Friday, October 25, 2013

     I was never really into sports in high school. I bowled for two years because for some unknown reason that counted as a sport at my high school and got some PE credits waived for me, but you and I both know there is nothing physically challenging about bowling. I'm not saying it doesn't take mad skill, because it totally does and people dedicate their life to it, but it's not something I would categorize as a sport. Anyways, my point was that I am not sporty in the least, and never had any remote cause to purchase a varsity jacket when I was a senior, nor would I really have wanted one, seeing as anything I ordered via the school was always way too huge on me. So when I found this jacket a few years back during the full swing of the varsity trend, I snatched it up because it was warm and fit me properly. Yay! I never really wore it until recently though because black rarely makes an appearance in my daily dress, or didn't anyways, until I got this rockin' hair cut. I now feel this weird need to live up to it's full punky potential and find myself wearing things I never would have considered when I spike it up or even just pompadour the bangs. It's interesting to think that a hairstyle can ultimately greatly shift one's style all-together, but it makes sense. I feel more edgy and daring, and like no one is going to question my new mock-badass self when my hair has enough personality for the both of us. It's strange though, sometimes I feel like I'm lying to the world, because I'm this soft sunshiny person going around looking all punk or tough or whatever you want to call it, and I feel almost a disconnect between my personality and my new style. It weirds me out, but fashion is all about drama and dress up and trying new things to me, and I've slowly grown more comfortable with the juxtaposition of it all. M just laughed at me when I told him my worries about looking one way but being another, and I suppose it really is a silly thing to worry about. The way I dress doesn't change who I am. Pffft.

{JACKET: Self Esteem SHORTS: Refuge TOP: Wet Seal SOCKS: K-Mart BOOTS: Candie's TIGHTS: Kohl's}

     On another note, I was completely freezing this day, and have mad respect for the girls who can commit to dresses and tights year round because I will most definitely be sticking with pants for a majority of the winter. Mmmm pants. they are one of my most favorite things.
    In other news, class is still going well and we are having a potluck this Wednesday to celebrate an ancient Irish festival, so that'll be fun. I'm thinking of bringing the pumpkin banana bread that I attempted earlier this week. (I say attempted because Michael's oven cooked it all sorts of weird and it just didn't happen, although the cooked parts were delicious) I may put a recipie post up if it turns out alright this time. I'm thinking of making muffins instead, easier to feed multiple people, and serving them with pumpkin cream cheese. Sounds tasty, no?

Love & Sunshine,
Rya Pie


  1. I just found your blog through Modcloth's style gallery, and I am LOVING it! You are so pretty, and you have such a cool sense of style. I love the combination of the polka dots tights and varsity sweater. Also, I'm one of those crazy girls who wears tights year-round haha. I just can't do pants! But thank goodness for fleece-lined tights or I would probably die.

    1. Aw, thank you so much! I'm glad putting my photos in the style gallery finally led someone to my blog haha.
      Also, I am in complete awe of your year-round tights wearing! And have also never heard of lines tights, but they sound a lot more winter/fall friendly than my thin sheer ones haha.
      Hope you have a great day ^^