A Scarf Is All It Takes

Friday, November 8, 2013

     The day that I wore this outfit, a girl from my class commented on how put together I always look and how she can't put outfits together like I can, meanwhile I'm thinking, it's all the scarf. Seriously. Take the scarf off and I am wearing jeans, a sweater, and boots. Such simple pieces can completely make the outfit, and keep you comfy and warm all at the same time! It's also awesome because I got most of my scarves for only $5 since I can shop on the military post here. Score! Shopping without tax is always a good thing. I feel like I hopped on this scarf trend really late, but I am all about it now. All. About. It. We have some sweeeeet thick knit scarves at Old Navy right now and as soon as I get paid I am going to buy multiple of them. They just look so warm. Old Navy swag. 

{COAT: H2J JEANS: Hollister SWEATER: Decoded BOOTS: Etienne Aigner SCARF: Chic.}

     This morning I had some of the fattest food I have had in awhile, ate an entire plate of french toast with lots of butter and syrup, and it's been so long since I've eaten anything so unhealthy and my body is pretty mad about it. It's really strange because I never thought I would be one to adopt a healthier diet, but now that I have, I feel really slow and my body often objects when I eat things high in sugar, it makes me feel good about the progress I've made (18lbs down!), but it also makes me a little sad that when I do want to eat things like french toast, I really can't. It's a good thing though, I'll just learn how to make myself a healthier homemade version and all things taste and diet wise can be satisfied at once! It's insane how just changing your diet can drastically affect your life. I was running in Arizona just about every day, but I can't run outside here, rain aside, the air is just too cold for my sad asthmatic lungs haha. 
     In other news, I'm thinking of hitting up a cider mill with Michael soon. Seems like a good broke college kid date idea, and the one in our area has apparently won several national awards for their cider, so that's pretty tight. I am all about apple cider in this sort of weather.

Love & Sunshine (it's sunny somewhere, right?),
Rya Pie

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