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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

     Hello all! I hope everyone is having a good start to their November! I am personally rather sick, with something different than the last time I told y'all I was sick. I'm going with the flu, but who knows. Either way I work 8 hours tomorrow and there is no way that I am skipping my shift, so that should be fun times.
     Anyways, the leaves are finally gone off the pretty tree in my back yard, so I'll have to find something else to pose next to, but it's still nice and pretty in the last few outfit photo sets that I have saved up, so you guys can enjoy it a little bit longer haha. I had fun trying to throw the leaves up and get some nice pictures of them gracefully falling all around me, but they mostly just covered up my face and made me look like I was missing a tooth or an eye. Not as cliche and gorg as I had hoped, but it is why I am holding leaves in some of these pictures haha.
     Also, in other news, I am finally getting my own place with two friends and should be moving in later this month, so I am super excited about that! It's a lovely apartment complex, and also where my best lady Kaitlyn lives, so that is a huge bonus, of course. It also has a small gym and a hot tub, and we have a fireplace and washer/dryer in unit, so it seems like it's going to be pretty damn sweet.

{SWEATER: Mossimo Supply Co. JEANS: Wallflower BOOTS: Etienne Aigner HEADBAND: Clarie's} 

     My Irish studies are going pretty well. We spent this week talking about the famine and learning about really messed up things, like a lady having to ear her dead infants legs and feet because she was starving to death herself. Yeah. I highly suggest you do some research yourself on the famine in Ireland, because my education definitely skimmed over it like nothing else and all I knew prior to this class was that there weren't any potatoes and it was just so much more than that. It's sad, but it's good to know these things and pass that knowledge on. During our seminar, one of my friends in the class brought up a really good point that history usually centers around men and their wars, and since there was no war involved with the famine, we don't really care to know about it. Interesting. I am really loving my seminars this quarter. 
Love & Sunshine,
Rya Pie

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