Comfortable At Home

Saturday, November 23, 2013

     While this outfit is nothing spectacular to say the least, and definitely could have done with some accessories, I loved the fact that it just made me feel so comfortable, which fit how I've been feeling all day since I'm finally home! Nothing is quite as comfortable as being around family and being able to relax and be yourself and maybe be a little grumpy when you feel it, or sleepy, or whatever, because the people you're with will always love you. No exceptions. Home is comfort to me.
     It was strange at first when Michael and I came down this summer (see post here) because it was the first time I had set foot into my parent's new place down here in Sierra Vista, and felt so foreign to me compared to the house we used to have in Yelm. By the end of my stay however, I once again felt myself and like I had a permanent home-base to go to and feel completely safe at. My mother will do that to a place though. Mark my words, she could set up a little shack somewhere in the middle of Alaska and I'd still be overwhelmed with joy just to see her and be home. (This may not sound that bad to some of you, but I loathe snow.)
     The cardi was actually a later edition to the look, seeing as we were out a bit late running around shopping for this and that (I totally thought I had a toothbrush here and didn't bring one and most definitely didn't have a toothbrush haha) and it was super blustery out once the sun set. I needed a nice plain cardigan anyways, my crazy cheerio thrifted one can't go with everything even though I really wish it could. 

{CARDI: J.J. Basico TOP: Old Navy JEANS: American Eagle FLATS: Target LIPS: Avon Totally Kissable in Natural Glow}

     Before I go any further, I would like to note that I am not just creepily staring at some old childhood toy or something, that lovely little bear is actually my phone case. Why yes, it was entirely possible to outdo all my old, semi-ridiculous phone cases! While this may seem just completely impractical in every way, it's actually really awesome and only ever-so-slightly cumbersome. I can just toss my phone onto the bed from across the room to carry something with two hands or to have M look up something, I can cuddle it on my lap while I listen to music on an airplane, I can prop it sitting up or laying sideways for more convent viewing, and best of all I can name it Barry and laugh at my own stupid joke. I do have to take the phone out to take photos, but that takes two seconds as the case is obviously soft, so to me, it isn't really a big deal. 
     I'm excited to venture to Tucson tomorrow...although I guess as I write this it is technically "today." That's always weirded me out. Has anyone else ever felt weirded by that? Just like, the day shouldn't change until I go to bed or the sun comes up, right? That's just how I feel. Maybe I'm sleep deprived...

Love & Sunshine,
Rya Pie

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